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Weekend of excesses?

For most people, the Weekend is synonymous with excesses.
Undoubtedly, the intestine is one of the most injured in this period when food care is a little less than expected. But do not worry. The important thing is to get back to a good routine of eating, sleeping, and exercising so that everything goes back to normal.
The intestinal microbiota exerts a huge influence on numerous biochemical reactions, including the metabolism of fats, the balance of sugar and insulin levels in the blood, being responsible for the intestinal well-being and the general health of the organism.
A good way to reinforce the intestinal microbiota after these excesses is to introduce probiotics into your food routine, such as our kombucha and kefir. Complement these probiotics with prebiotics (from fruits and vegetables) so that they can reproduce in a healthy way and colonize our intestine.

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