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How to deal with Christmas excesses? Get to know our Nutritionist's tips!

Christmas is a time when, generally speaking, healthy eating ends up being left to the last plan. It is known that a day of excesses has practically no relevance in maintaining good eating habits and the results you want to achieve. But, the problem is that the month of December ends up having many festive days – Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve – often leading to excesses. Get to know the tips from our nutritionist, Mafalda Rodrigues de Almeida, to deal with Christmas excesses.

1 – Do not make exaggerated restrictions or extreme detoxes, simply return to your normal balanced diet routine.

2 - Increase the consumption of nutritious foods, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, among others.

3 – Include fermented foods in your diet, such as GUTsy Captain Kombucha or GUTsy Captain Water Kefir. Fermented foods will help you to maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota, to deflate, in the digestion of a heavier meal or as a delicious and healthy alternative.

Did you know that 62% of our consumers indicate that regular consumption of GUTsy Captain Kombucha has helped them to feel less bloated, and that 76.6% report an improvement in their general well-being*?

4 - Try to do physical activity every day, even if it's a 30-minute walk!

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*Results of a survey carried out with 145 GC Kombucha consumers in Portugal and Spain.

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